Thursday, September 11, 2008

lrn2patch: an open letter to Apple and updaters everwhere......

Look guys, I know you're probably busy creating the "next big thing" over there in Cupertino, but can you have one or two guys research the art of deploying software via patch files instead of downloading an entirely new 80MB image every time you deploy?

In fact, let's make this a global rant against the "Check Updates..." installers out there: 
  1. please realize that you are using OUR computers when you design and architect these systems. (i.e. the rude neighbor: "oh I'm sorry, were you using that?")
  2. please realize that other pieces of software may be trying to update at or near the same time. (i.e. the flood: "Me me me..." "Me too.")
  3. please realize that liberal use of "restart" semantics to complete installations may be magnified by the above. (i.e. the tantrum: "stop everything and do what I want... NOW!")
  4. [added 9/25] Please. Please make your updaters run at IDLE priority... there's no reason that a system update should interrupt the user or lock up the system while the update is occuring.
I realize that Windows forces #3 more than most devs can avoid. (mac less so, and linux is almost impervious to restarts from installs).  But aside from those exceptions, you should be treating our computers with respect.  You don't own them or the networks that connect them.  You barely own the licenses of the software on them.

Please take some time to respect your users.  Thanks.

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